DeHaan RV Rentals, LLC Terms & Conditions

General Guidelines

Minimum rental is 3 days. Rentals available Monday thru Friday. No pick-ups or drop-offs on the weekend. Renter must complete a Rental Application and submit it with the required Reservation Deposit amount. No RV can be reserved without the Rental Application completed correctly and a Reservation Deposit submitted.

Travel Restrictions

Traveling into Mexico and to Alaska is not permitted. DeHaan RV Rentals will hold the Renter fully responsible for accidents or mechanical breakdowns occurring in a travel restricted areas. Insurance coverage will be void in case of violation.

Age Restrictions

The minimum age to rent an RV is 25. Renter and each driver must hold a valid drivers’ license at the time of pick-up. A copy of the license for all drivers must be submitted with the Rental Application.

Pets & Smoking

Pets and/or smoking are not allowed in any RV.

Payment Terms

A non-refundable Reservation Deposit of $500 per week is required to reserve a RV. Example: days 1 thru 7 is $500; days 8 thru 14 is $1,000. Payment for rental charges and other charges must be received by the day of departure. If paying by check payment will be due two weeks before departure. If payments are not received when due, DeHaan RV Rentals reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice. 10.5% Sales Tax is charged on all rental fees. Discover, VISA and MasterCard are accepted. Without payment in “full” the RV will not be released to the Renter.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations must be made in writing. The entire Reservation Deposit will be forfeited in the event of a cancellation.

Rental Insurance

Rental insurance is not included in the rental. You are required to have in force comprehensive, collision and vehicle liability covering You, Us and the rented motorhome as a condition of rental. We have a relationship with MBA Insurance which specifically insures rental motorhomes and their unique needs. It is recommended that you purchase insurance coverage through MBA. The MBA Choice policy provides state statutory liability limits (50/100/50), medical payments, uninsured and underinsured motorists up to the minimum limits required by any applicable compulsory or financial responsibility law. For your protection we also require you to purchase the Supplemental Liability Insurance policy. Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) which raises your liability coverage from the state minimum limits to up to $1,000,000 bodily injury liability and up to $50,000 property damage liability for the coverage dates indicated above. The insurance is non‐transferable and only covers Authorized Drivers as shown on the rental agreement. Please review the insurance choices carefully. If you elect to not purchase this insurance; you will need to provide proof from your insurance company that you have an automobile insurance policy currently in effect. You will also have to provide a binder from your insurance company listing DeHaan RV Rentals as the loss payee and coverage must be for the full MSRP of the unit. Without insurance purchased from MBA Insurance or provided by you via Endorsement or Binder, there would be no comprehensive and collision protection for you for damage to the Vehicle and no Vehicle Liability insurance for third party claims. Renter is responsible for insurance deductible if any collision occurs resulting in damage of the motorhome, including airbag inflation. A police report must be obtained for any damage involving the rental unit. Insurance does not cover any damage caused by collision with overhangs and / or under-passes, striking curbs or damage to side view mirrors that may strike anything along the roadways. This also includes damage to the awnings, undercarriage, waste valve, windshield, muffler, or holding tanks. You are responsible for all damage to the unit.

Vehicle Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Pick-Up Time: Pick-up time will be scheduled between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you are here at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time as our Service Department schedules the rental reviews for designated times throughout the day. If you arrive late, your departure may be significantly delayed. A minimum of one hour is required to acquaint the renter with the operation of the vehicle before departure.

Drop-Off Time: Units must be returned by 10:00 AM, Monday thru Friday. If the vehicle is returned after closing hours or on the weekend, you remain responsible for the safety of, and any damages to, the vehicle until we inspect it upon our next opening day of business. Remember someone else is scheduled to pick up the unit in the afternoon.

Additional Charges

Charges for late RV return or unauthorized extension of the rental period: $50.00 per hour or $400.00 per day (plus applicable rental charges). The regular rental rates apply only with proper authorization through DeHaan RV Rentals prior to a rental extension. If unit is found to have signs of having had a pet in it renter will be charged a minimum $350 for cleaning, deodorizing or damage to the unit caused by the pet(s). Renter will be charged a minimum $350 for cleaning and deodorizing the unit that has smoke related odors or damage. Avoid camp fire smell by keeping all doors and windows closed when near campfires. The renter must return the RV in the same condition as received. A minimum fee of $350.00 will be charged if the interior of the vehicle has not been cleaned. Holding tanks must be evacuated prior to the return of the vehicle or a minimum charge of $50.00 will be made. Damages or loss of equipment will be paid by the renter. Generator use will be charged at $4.95 per hour. Minimum LP Gas charge is $25. Dump Charge for waste tanks if not empty upon return, $50

Rental Day Definition

A rental day is determined on a “per night” basis. The pick-up day is counted as the first rental day, and there is no charge for the last rental day.

Optional Charges

Bike Carrier (motorhome only) $6 per day

Mileage Charges

For each rental day you have the unit you get 100 miles per day for free. Miles that go over the allowance will be $.39 per mile.

Security Deposit

DeHaan RV Rentals requires a Security Deposit of $1,000.00 which will be paid at the time of pickup payable by Cash or Certified Bank Check. Your Security Deposit will be refunded within 14 business days of your return date, provided the RV is returned in the same condition as when it went out and subject to the charges outlined above. If your charges exceed your security deposit, you will be responsible for paying the excess balance owed. Refund or extra charges will be detailed on the adjusted rental agreement that will be mailed to you.

Refunds for Unused Portion

Vehicle is returned prior to the contracted drop-off date. Should the renter cut the trip short and return the motorhome before the return date, no refunds of any portion of the contracted (reserved) funds paid for said trip will be refunded. Total trip funds will be kept by the rental company as liquidated damage in lieu of any other form of damages.Client arrives late to pick up the RV or does not show up at all.

Vehicle Substitution

If for any reason the booked RV should not be available; DeHaan RV Rentals reserves the right to substitute another RV at no additional cost. The substitute vehicle may be at DeHaan RV Rentals discretion to be an equivalent unit for which a reservation was made by the Renter. DeHaan RV Rentals does not guarantee the availability of a particular unit that may be reserved by the Renter, and does not have liability to the Renter arising from substituting a unit similar to the unit that the Renter reserved. Substitutions are made only when absolutely necessary. Advanced notification is given whenever possible. In the event we cannot fulfill your reservation, we will refund all monies received from you to date.

Your Responsibilities while Operating the RV

Gasoline, Oil, and Propane

The cost of gasoline is not included and DeHaan RV Rentals does not assume responsibility for estimates of consumption. All vehicles are delivered with full tanks and the Renter is expected to return the RV with full tanks or will be charged $50 plus $7.95 per gallon for us to fill the motorhome. The Renter is responsible for checking engine oil and coolant levels at each refueling as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. Engine oil is provided by DeHaan RV Rentals for use in the motorhome only. You are totally responsible for any motor damage to our vehicle due to lack of oil. Any expenditure up to $25.00 to maintain the vehicle may be made without prior authorization. Any incurred expenses will be credited toward the rental upon return of the RV and presentation of all receipts (see Mechanical Breakdown). All amounts above $25.00 will require authorization from DeHaan RV Rentals, LLC by telephone prior to the work being done. It is the driver’s responsibility to operate the RV in a safe manner and to exercise all caution possible.

Mechanical Breakdown/Repairs

For repairs exceeding $ 25.00 the Renter must have proper authorization. Non-authorized repairs exceeding $ 25.00 will not be reimbursed. Receipts must be presented to DeHaan RV Rentals for reimbursement. Renter will be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in operation and/or maintenance. Renters are required to cooperate fully with DeHaan RV Rentals to remedy any problem. If Renter’s motor home vacation is interrupted by an automotive mechanical breakdown for more than 48 working hours after reporting such to DeHaan RV Rentals, the Renter will be reimbursed for the greater of: (1) the gross daily rate or: (2) expenses for hotel rooms up to $25.00 per person per night and car rental up to $50.00 per day per motor home to a maximum of $1,500.00 per tour. Receipts for all incurred expenses must be presented for refund. Defects on Radio / CD / TV / DVD, generator, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, cruise control, awning, slide-out malfunction, etc. are not considered to be mechanical breakdowns and excluded from refunds.

In the Event of an Accident

The Renter must obtain a local police report as provided by the attending police officer investigating the accident. An accident report form is supplied to the Renter and is located in the RV along with the registration and insurance papers. DeHaan RV Rentals must be notified as soon as possible. A full-written report along with the other party’s name, address, phone number, insurance information and driver’s license number on the supplied accident report form will be required upon return of the RV. Damage and accident scene pictures should be taken and provided if at all possible. All documents relating to the accident must include a police report number or identifying number. Insurance coverage may be void if the above instructions are not followed.

Parking/Traffic/Toll Violations

It is the Renters responsibility to report and pay for all parking/traffic/toll violations at check-in. Failing to report these violations at drop off will cause a charge of an administrative fee of up to $100.00 plus the fine (including all late charges) to the client’s credit card.