Frequently Asked Questions About Rentals

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about rentals. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us and we’ll answer your specific questions.

We rent 30′ Class C Motorhomes which are the cabover design and they will comfortably sleep 6 people. We also rent Travel Trailers. The Travel Trailers are 28 feet long and weigh approximately 5000#’s. You vehicle should be able to tow a minimum of 5000#’s. The trailers will sleep 6 to 8 people. There are bunk beds in the back and a queen bed up front. The units have a slideout that contains a dinette and sofa and both of those do make into additional sleeping areas.
Rental costs vary depending on the size of the RV you choose and the length of time you rent it, and when you are renting it. Other costs include options like bike rack, generator use, additional miles, etc. Local and state taxes also apply.We will provide a custom quote for you. You can fill out a Reservation Request and will get back to you via email or phone with your quote. Along with the quote we will send you a brochure and application which will explain in detail each type of rental.
A minimum of 3 day rental is required.
Travel Trailers offer unimited miles and Motorhomes offer 100 Free Miles per day. Excess miles over 100 per day are at .39 cents per mile.
A Reservation Deposit of $500 per week is required at the time the Reservation is made. The Reservation Deposit is non-refundable.
  • – Security Deposit of $1000 is required on all rental units. It serves as a Damage Deposit or can be used for any extra charges.
  • – Generator per hour – $4.95
  • – Bike Carrier Rental Per Day – $6 (holds 4 bikes)
Motorhomes drive similar to a full sized van or pickup truck. The main difference with a motorhome is that you have more length and when you turn there is more swing in the rear. You will need to take your corners/turns wider to prevent damage to the rear of the motorhome. Travel trailers require a lot of the same type of driving skills, the main difference is that you will be using your tow vehicle and have the added length of the trailer to consider.
The average gas mileage on the motorhomes is 9-11mpg. The gas tank capacity is 55 gallons on the Motorhomes. Gas mileage will depend on speed driven and also on wind conditions. With the travel trailers your gas mileage will be lower by a minimum of 2-3mpg when towing.
Rental units can be picked up on the first day of your rental at 2:00pm and the standard return time is 10:00am. Other hours maybe arranged on a case by case situation. Picking up and dropping off are only scheduled Monday through Friday.
We provide some water in the fresh water tank for you, but remember water adds weight and at most campgrounds you can request hookups for water and electric. As far as Dump Stations – most campgrounds offer dump stations to their patrons upon exiting the campground. Most of the time it is not necessary to request a sewer connection at your campsite as the holding tanks on the trailer or motorhome will hold at least 30 gallons before they need to be dumped. We also offer a Dump Station at our location for a nominal fee.
The motorhome or travel trailer must be returned on time! It’s very likely that another renter has the same unit reserved ithe same day that it is returned. An additional late charge of $200.00 per day or $50 per hour will be charged if the unit is late and will be in additon to the regular rental charge.
  • Motorhome Rentals : require that Insurance coverage be purchased online through MBA Insurance which specifically insures rental motorhomes. You will be sent a letter prior to your rental pickup which will have our Policy Number and instructions for you to go online a purchase the insurance from MBA Insurance.
  • Travel Trailers : Renter needs to provide proof from their insurance company that while their vehicle is towing the travel trailer, the policy extends liability coverage to the trailer when it is being towed. When the trailer is parked and unhitched from the tow vehicle our insurance covers it.
When making your reservations at campgrounds, make sure you request Water and Electric hookups. By requesting Water at the site you will have water available to you when you turn on the faucet. When requesting Electric, both the motorhome and travel trailer need 30 Amps of power. The power cord is 25′ long and has a 3 prong 30AMP connection on it. In order to run the Roof Air Conditioner or the Microwave you must be plug into a 30 AMP power connection.
Laws and regulations vary from state to state on time limits for parking at interstate rest areas or other highway rest stops. Observe and obey all posted regulations and check with any on-site personnel on rules and limitations. Again, security is best in public or private campgrounds and RV parks. Highway rest areas are intended for and best utilized as a quick stop-over for meal times, using restrooms and getting a little exercise between driving stints.
During peak seasons at certain locations such as theme parks, beaches and national parks, reservations can ensure that you have a site with the amenities you prefer when you reach your destination. Before departing on your trip, call parks and campgrounds where you plan to stay to check on site availability and whether or not you should reserve a site for the time you plan on staying there. Find phone numbers for parks and campgrounds in your campground directory.
While many RV owners elect to overnight in retail store parking lots (with management’s permission), security is best in public or private campgrounds and RV parks. DeHaan RV recommends staying in supervised RV parks and campgrounds.
No, our rental season is April thru October only.
To Avoid Additional Charges: The unit must be received back in the same condition that we rented it to you when you picked it up. What does that mean? Well you receive the RV in the following condition: Interior clean, exterior clean, full gas tank, and empty waste tanks. You will be required to return the unit in the same condition to experience no additional fees associated with these items. Damages or loss of equipment will be paid for by the renter. Holding tank must be emptied prior to return of the vehicle or be subject to an additional dump charge of up to $100. The Gas tank must be filled upon return; which means the needle must be on the full line. If we have to top off the tank or fill the tank we will charge $25 gas filling plus $7.95 per gallon will be charged to the renter.
You can park your vehicle in our lot while you are on your trip. Our staff will direct you where to park your vehicle so that it is not in our way while you are vacationing.
Travel Trailers and Motorhomes are equipped with the typical things that are required for RV operation: Fresh water hose, waste hose, and an electrical adapter. We do not supply any: Linens, cookware, cleaning products, etc.
In addition, Motorhomes have a TV, DVD player, stereo system, Electric Awning, Sofa, Dinette, Queen Beds and/or bunks.Travel Trailers do not have TV’s or DVD Players in them, however they do have hookup if you choose to bring your own.
You will need to bring bed linens and blankets, pillows, towels, cookware, cooking utensils, tableware and eating utensils. DeHaan RV will provide 4 rolls of RV safe toilet paper, chemicals for the toilet system, hoses, and adaptors for hook ups.
No, pets are not allowed in the RV. If a pet has been found to have been in the unit, additional fees will apply and renter may lose their Security Deposit.
Smoking is not allowed in our RV’s. Any evidence that a RV has been smoked in renter will incur additional fees and may forfeit their Security Deposit.
When you pick up your rental RV, you will receive an orientation tour to familiarize you with all the RV’s systems and operation. You will have a chance to ask questions of a knowledgeable representative so you can be assured of being comfortable and familiar with driving and operating the RV.
No special license is required to drive an RV in the U.S. You must hold a valid driver’s license and be at least 25 years of age to drive any rental RV.
You can drive the RV into Canada but, not in Mexico. Any expense incurred to bring a motorhome or trailer back into the United States will be at the renters expense. Please read the reverse side of the Rental Contract for details.